SAP Project Systems(PS) is a technical module that includes project management functionality. Organisations use project management tactics to execute different strategies. The PS module empowers an organisation to gain insight into projects, increase transperancy and improve accountability.


  • Experience in Project Management and Implementation
  • Basic Knowledge of Processes in Logistics and Accounting
  • Any graduate or post graduate.
  • Good Communication Skills


PS Consultant is responsible for following activities:
  • Understand Business from procurement and Project Systems department.
  • Map customer business processes in SAP
  • Train users for using SAP system.
  • Integrate PM module with other functional areas like PP, Materials management, QM, WM, APO etc.
  • Design/enhance operational and analytical reports for customer.


  • Transform your career to become SAP PS consultant
  • PS consultant has vertical growth opportunities by elevating as team lead, Functional Lead, Project Manager, Program manager etc
  • 2 days ASC(Atos SAP Champion) program -1 day employability training program, soft skills training
  • Detailed module content,
  • Placement assistance



  • 20 days of Virtual led classroom training.