Attributes Employers Seek While Hiring an SAP Consultant

There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.

~ Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Aptly said! To be successful in any profession you have to be hardworking and passionate both. People usually think that doing a certification will make them eligible for jobs. But, that’s not true! A certification will only make you eligible to apply for a certain job. What employers are looking is your aptitude and adaptability to certain situation and environment. They are seeking someone who is a problem solver, solution-oriented! These skills are more of the soft skills than any course or education. Though, for SAP certification you need to meet certain educational criteria, but that’s not the only criteria.

Let’s see what employers are seeking in SAP consultants, especially when they are hiring a fresher!

#Team player and Strong communication skills

SAP consultants need to communicate with several layers of associates. Right from technical professionals to decision-makers! Thus, if they need to make themselves to be heard to other associates, they’ll need to have communication and team player skills.

#Aptitude to constantly learn

SAP technology is an ever-changing technology! Hence, an SAP professional always need to be updated with current trends and updates in SAP. Thus, they should have aptitude for constantly learning the latest trends and updating their knowledge every now and then.

#Problem-solving attitude

It is important that you are solution-oriented rather than just raising questions on how to do it! SAP consultants are expected to bridge the gap between problem and the solution. Thus, creative and innovative thinking is mandatory to improve client’s business processes.

#Analytical and business-minded approach

SAP technology is implemented to improve business efficiency and productivity. Thus, one has to empathize with business and know how it works! The analytical approach further helps in understanding the business problems in depth and bridging the gap between problem and solution.

#Love for technology

Last, but not the least, love for technology! You have to be techno-savvy because that is what a SAP professional has to deal with 24*7.

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