Why SAP is considered as highest paying jobs?

This article will help you answer your queries related to pay scale offered in SAP consulting and related WH-Questions.
We often hear that salaries drawn by SAP professionals are at a higher range and SAP domain offers most happening salary packages in the software and ERP business.
Many professionals’ compare salaries drawn by SAP consultants with other platforms like JAVA, networking, software programming, sales and marketing or maintenance and end up with finding that the SAP professionals make more money than they ever dreamt of.

Is that because extensive travel involvement, insufficient supply in the market or anything else?

No. Even companies don’t prefer their resources to travel extensively and increase cost to company unnecessarily. No company offers higher salary packages only because of extensive travel requirement of profile.

It could be because all colleges mass-produce Java Programmers, Web Developers, Application Developers and Android Developers and even Sales & Marketing executives. But, you will hardly find any ABAP-programmer or SAP Functional Consultant coming straight from the college/university. SAP is a technology you cannot really learn at home or office. It needs use cases to be learned in valuable way. And let’s not forget that you cannot compare apples with oranges. So it indicates that it is probably an issue of supply and demand of SAP professionals.

As SAP is doing well, so SAP consultants are in high demand, whether it is technical consultants or functional consultants. Around 80% Fortune 500 companies that we dream of working in uses SAP platform.

Listed below are few common findings ensuring heavy packages in SAP

The Demand-Supply ratio:
The Supply is much less when we compare with the demand of SAP professionals. This is why the employers are ready to pay up extra in order to meet the demand of highly trained SAP recruits.

Increasing ROI of Companies:
SAP consultants are highly paid by the companies so that their Return on Investment increases over the period of time and the cost can be controlled with amplified performance.

The challenging job:
The work profile of the SAP consultant is quite challenging which makes their polishes their learning and improves growth rate, as this the core of any organization. A small bug can end up with wastage of billions. This is why, the career of the SAP consultant is truly rewarding.

SAP Implementation in Fortune 500 & similarly capable companies:
SAP implementations are usually carried out in the high budget companies or the large scale organizations. These companies have the capacity of paying their employees with a better pay packages. This is also a reason because of which the SAP consultants get such an attractive pay package compared to the other IT fields.

Education of the employee:
A recent study said that the education level or qualification does play an important role in the employee’s salary hike or increment. But once you get the experience in the field it adds more value to your resume than your education.

We hope you’ll find this stuff useful in planning and shifting your career in SAP. If you still have any doubts and queries you can directly connect to our SAP career counselor and placement team for insights.

Check your Eligibility for SAP Certification & Success stories of SAP ASPIRANTS like You!

All you need to know: SAP Certifications, Careers and Jobs.

SAP Certification & Career:

Why people attract towards SAP as Career?

The main reason is great salaries, Work-Life balance and salary hikes along with opportunities to work in abroad. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, SAP has a career path for you. It doesn’t matter whether your current working experience is in Sales, IT, HR, Mechanical, or you are just a fresher or anything else.

The second reason is again the promising one; we all know how scary it is when it comes to Layoffs. But as of now there is no massive layoff witnessed in SAP Ecosystem as it has become most preferred ERP in the era of digitization.

If you are looking forward a career in SAP you might have done your research by now for the same. There are generally two types of SAP certification providers in India.

The one that costs high and the other one that costs cheaper as compare to the first category. Immediately the question strikes the mind “why there is this huge difference in SAP Certification costs?”

The following article will answer all your queries regarding SAP Education.

First let’s get to know “What is Global SAP Certification?

SAP certifications helps in validating the expertise and experience of SAP partners, software users, customers and professionals who are looking to be placed in a SAP Ecosystem. The certification is recognized globally and is a standardized measure for several roles and responsibilities in SAP domain.

What is SAP Authorized Training Partner?

So to keep the process of SAP certification full proof SAP Germany has their authorized training partners in India & globally, who conducts training on behalf of SAP.

All the trainers in SAP Authorized Training are appointed by SAP itself to maintain quality in training delivery. This is the main reason behind the cost of SAP Certification.

Beware of Fake & Local SAP Certifications: Global Vs Local SAP Training

As now we all know what Global SAP certification is, let’s have little idea about Local certifications and institutes.

As SAP is one of the trending and reliable career options today, there are many local institutes, private trainers & classes available that provide SAP Training and some of them also provide their private certificates in India. As they costs less as compared to Authorized SAP Certification, SAP aspirants like fresh graduates & working professionals gets easily attracted towards it. But here is the biggest threat; these certification programs are not legal in SAP industry. As they cost less, people get trapped into it very easy. These certification and training programs are of no use when it comes to Placement & jobs in SAP domain, not only MNCs but even in local companies as well. No Multinational Company consider local or unauthorized SAP certification and people end up doing Authorized SAP Certification again. This not only costs them extra money but it also costs time, in some cases it costs people their confidence as well.

Here are few stats about salaries, experience and level of job satisfaction in SAP Ecosystem taken from Payscale.com

Professional's rating to SAP Career infographicAs now we’ve come to conclusion part it is now clearly understood that; The best decision to go for Authorized SAP training and certification. This will now only give your career a boost but it is assumed and experienced by many that work-life balance in SAP domain is way much better than any other domain.

To know which SAP Certification Course is suitable to you and your work profile; book a free career counselling call from Atos India SAP Training

Why Atos is most preferred SAP Authorized Training Partner in India?

With over 16 years of unrivaled industry experience in delivering SAP Education services, we believe in providing advanced knowledge and skills to our customers. We understand how swiftly the SAP market has evolved and is progressing.

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  • Awarded every year by SAP for Education, Quality and Services.

Explore Career Opportunities in Digital Transformation & Disruption Era

Technology is growing fast, really fast. Even, the MD of Daimler Benz has mind blowing thoughts over it. According to him, their competitors are changing. Traditional car manufacturers are no longer their competitors; they are replaced with Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon & others. There have always been the 3 constants….Death, Taxes and CHANGE!

Software & cloud will disrupt most of the old-style industries in upcoming decade.

Uber – The Taxi giant has just an application, they don’t even own any cars still they massively hampered car sales.

Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world.

In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans.

So if you study law in US, you are in little trouble, as there will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain.

Coming back to the point, ERP, Cloud, IoT are the technologies of the present future that every business is touching in some or the other way.

What SAP is offering at this stage?

SAP offers solutions for all levels of disruption you can imagine. SAP HANA as the fastest database, SAP S/4 HANA as the digital core and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) provide all requirements needed to take a step into new businesses or updating existing one.

Today 86% of global Fortune 500 companies run SAP software which is increasing in day by day due to its flexibility, accuracy, efficiency, security and robustness. It is world’s leading Provider of Business Software.


To help businesses transition to the digital age, SAP has introduced SAP S/4HANA. This next generation business suite has been specifically designed to combat complexity, streamline digital transformation, and provide the ultimate sophistication: simplicity. SAP S/4HANA brings together Big Data analytics and applications on a single platform, to give business leaders an instant and harmonized view across all company operations.

By providing a single version of the truth, SAP S/4HANA brings massive simplification and innovation to streamline processes and operations, and drive instant value across lines of business.

Built on the SAP HANA platform, which supports real-time transactions, reporting and analysis, the suite frees businesses from the technology limitations of the past, enabling users to gain instant insights at the most granular level, across all data and dimensions, and take immediate action.

Plus, advanced predictive analytics enable business leaders to better analyze trends, simulate the outcomes of strategic options, and optimize planning, so companies have the ability to adapt, innovate, and reinvent the future of their business. And all this comes with a re-imagined, intuitive user experience.

Concluding the chapter – The market is witnessing the swift changes in Business Stereotypes, Structures, Processes, Competitions due to Technology Transformations.

Digital transformation is about more than technology and should put users at the forefront of all activities, the right formula is: reimagining business models + reimaging customer and user experience + leverage latest technology trends = design-led digital transformation.

Now that you have an understanding of SAP & SAP S/4HANA and how it can empower you on your career journey in digital transformation, why not talk to the people who know best and spend some time discussing your profile with us? It’s always the best place to start, so that we can get an understanding of your unique needs and explore how we can help you transform your career.

SAP ABAP – Overcome the fear of Scary Layoffs & Recession in IT

SAP Career Opportunity for Fresh IT Graduates

Many of us who are graduates, post graduates or pursuing education feels like they are landed up in wrong field and the major reasons for all such feelings are recession & layoffs. In recent times Major IT & E-commerce industry in India has sacked 12000+ employees in total. Not their fault, as the technology and market needs are rapidly changing; companies also need to adapt these changes. They’ll also look for people with all these advance skillsets.

For IT geeks SAP is promising career option. ABAP is a high-level 4th generation programming language created by SAP. It is used as the language for programming the SAP Application Sever. The SAP Application Server is a part of its NetWeaver platform that is used for building business applications.

ABAP consultant has ocean of opportunities in various directions. You can grow vertically by means of becoming System Analyst, Team Lead, Solution Architect, and Technical Director and so on.  You can also pursue business area of your interest and make a shift to Functional domains and become Business Consultant / analyst after gaining sufficient experience

In initial times getting SAP certified was not possible for fresh graduates. But later SAP introduced their course ABAP for which fresh graduates were also eligible.

Check if you are eligible for SAP ABAP Certification:

  • BE/ B Tech/ BSC IT/ BSC CS/MCA / MIT or any graduate
  • Knowledge of any one the programming Language
  • Knowledge of DBMS and strong hold on OOPS concept
  • Relevant Programming experience in other technologies is plus

Career paths for SAP ABAP Programmer



Benefits of SAP training :       

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most challenging projects
  • Wider spectrum of opportunity in the global market
  • Competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
  • Gain international recognition and instill client confidence
  • Our instructors are practicing SAP consultants having in-depth product knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient course delivery skills.


Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO Atos said: “In order to accompany all our customers in their digital transformation and the massive “data-ization” of their businesses in a secured cyberspace, we have decided to capitalize on our technological strengths and people skills; and to focus on our Digital Transformation Factory based on four high growth pillars: Cloud, Digital Workplace, SAP HANA, and cognitive solutions with Atos Codex to transform data into business value, while continuing to enhance our state of the art Cyber-security technologies across all our offerings.”

Recognition by SAP to ATOS:

Reco   Reco 2


India Next in Line for SAP Via Cloud

With a view of expanding its presence in the Subcontinent, Sap India is now eyeing the internet based ‘cloud’ for harnessing the advantages of software applications available in the same. It is also looking towards better and more profitable means of localizing its products to make inroads into the ever-expanding client base in India.

SAP(Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing), the software major based out of Germany, is increasing its efforts towards establishing its Indian subsidiary. In this case, SAP’s strategy gives vent to the realization that India is an ever increasing market of SMBs which may not have the resources to invest in heavy information technology (IT) infrastructural capabilities, but are still looking towards the integration of high-quality and robust IT solutions residing on the cloud. These SMBs refer to thousands of small and medium sized organizations that are mushrooming across the length and breadth of the country, with 1-999 professionally trained, or amateur employees to their credit.

Cloud computing, which refers to the easy accessibility to software solutions present over the Internet, on the basis of the pay-per-use model, is fast gaining on the popularity charts globally.

In fact, the SMBs in India have already started contributing to a major portion of SAP India’s clients, and are reaping good returns.

One reason that explains SAP’s wooing of SMBs in India is the fact that from a total of about 4,700 customers placed with SAP India, there are approximately 78 percent that are graded as SMBs. Because of the increasing rate of IT adoption in the country, the percentage of SAP users in India is bound to increase. Simon Dale, SAP Asia Pacific-Japan’s senior vice president, said, “Use of IT in Indian businesses is more mature than other emerging markets such as China,”

Currently, there are over 4 million SMBs operating in India.

In order to en-cash the first mover advantage, SAP India realizes the need to get into action on the double. The company has already made its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions related to SAP’s rapid development modules available on the cloud. SAP has collaborated with IBM to offer these solutions to any interested client with respect to better management of its contacts, opportunities, accounts, and performance.

With special attention to users linked with the public sector units, SAP India is all set to offer its support in Hindi language as well. This will further increase its consumer base and popularity in the country.

Dale further added that in line with the decisions taken last year, as far as SAP’s major revenue drivers pertaining to the next five-years were concerned, the main areas of interest were associated with mobility, cloud computing, and in-memory technology. The strategies underlying the company’s plans are targeted towards increasing the addressable market space, even as SAP is striving to push its revenue share from the businesses that are other than those related to ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP has been the traditional strong point for SAP.

Dale said, “Today there are a lot of players that make it possible for customers to run software on cloud. So we work with those providers to certify their environment that can successfully run a SAP solution.” He also added that in the given scenario, if an SMB chose to operate a complete ERP solution through the cloud, SAP had the capability of supporting the same.

ERP Foundation (SAP) – Stepping stone to success

The Training Services Group at Atos India has for the first time, come up with its homegrown training program. This program is a perfect combination of skills needed to learn the best ERP in the world i.e. SAP and relate to the wide consulting experience that Atos faculty provides.

Designed by us, this course takes the candidates through various aspects of ERP systems.

It starts by explaining the ‘Business Organization’, the various functions within and their execution by various departments.

The course also covers topics like:
How organizations are supported by ERP & The main components of ERP.

After these generic topics, we then cover the following topics:

  • How SAP fits into ERP role
  • Architecture of SAP ERP
  • Various functional areas in SAP and the way they are mapped to business processes
  • Processes in each major module. This is explained in detail where we explain right from login screen to master data, transaction data, org structure of these important modules. (FI, HR, SD, MM, PP)

Moving ahead, we focus on the programming language of SAP i.e. ABAP and administration tools like BASIS.We also cover ASAP methodology, how the projects are implemented, how support projects are carried out, various synergies in SAP projects etc. Whether you:

►  Are looking for SAP end user job or you want to be part of SAP core team or

►  Want to enter consulting but not able to decide whether the field is right for you

►  Are project manager in other IT stream and looking forward to manage SAP projects

► Are IT manager and implementing SAP in your company, and want to train your entire core team.
For all the above, the answer today is the ERP foundation course by Atos India.

We conduct ERP foundation workshops every month at different locations.

Corporates can also send their nominees in our programs. If the team size is huge, we can deliver this program on premise as well.

For further details, please share your enquiries at GMIN-info-sapatc@atos.net.