ERP Foundation for Corporates

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are pivotal to an organization’s success as they provide visibility on virtually every business process — from Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, IT Management to Accounting. If you are a working professional or looking forward to advance your employee’s career to the next level, then explore the benefits of attending our special 2-day ‘ERP foundation workshop for corporate’.


  • Corporates willing to learn about ERP & SAP
  • Organizations aspiring to complete SAP module training and certification of their potential employees
  • Experienced industry experts, wanting to know about ERP & SAP
  • Anybody exploring career transformation to SAP consulting


To understand…
  • What is Business Organization and its structure
  • Need of ERP system & how it works
  • What is SAP and its products
  • Various function areas in SAP
  • Possible career paths in SAP
  • Role of SAP consultant in SAP consulting
  • Work environment and Organization structure
  • Future contribution from SAP


  • Candidates will receive Atos Participation Certificate
  • The program will give you overview of various SAP modules & Products
  • The program will help you to identify right career path for yourself
  • This will be your perfect stepping stone before kick starting your SAP career through certification


  • Schedule could be planned as requested
  • Batch size is flexible


  • Two days workshop
  • Full day from 9am to 6pm
  • Followed by open floor for question and answers
  • Slide deck used for the training will be handed over to participants at the end of training
  • Location is flexible