ERP Foundation (SAP) – Stepping stone to success

The Training Services Group at Atos India has for the first time, come up with its homegrown training program. This program is a perfect combination of skills needed to learn the best ERP in the world i.e. SAP and relate to the wide consulting experience that Atos faculty provides.

Designed by us, this course takes the candidates through various aspects of ERP systems.

It starts by explaining the ‘Business Organization’, the various functions within and their execution by various departments.

The course also covers topics like:
How organizations are supported by ERP & The main components of ERP.

After these generic topics, we then cover the following topics:

  • How SAP fits into ERP role
  • Architecture of SAP ERP
  • Various functional areas in SAP and the way they are mapped to business processes
  • Processes in each major module. This is explained in detail where we explain right from login screen to master data, transaction data, org structure of these important modules. (FI, HR, SD, MM, PP)

Moving ahead, we focus on the programming language of SAP i.e. ABAP and administration tools like BASIS.We also cover ASAP methodology, how the projects are implemented, how support projects are carried out, various synergies in SAP projects etc. Whether you:

►  Are looking for SAP end user job or you want to be part of SAP core team or

►  Want to enter consulting but not able to decide whether the field is right for you

►  Are project manager in other IT stream and looking forward to manage SAP projects

► Are IT manager and implementing SAP in your company, and want to train your entire core team.
For all the above, the answer today is the ERP foundation course by Atos India.

We conduct ERP foundation workshops every month at different locations.

Corporates can also send their nominees in our programs. If the team size is huge, we can deliver this program on premise as well.

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