Why SAP is considered as highest paying jobs?

This article will help you answer your queries related to pay scale offered in SAP consulting and related WH-Questions.
We often hear that salaries drawn by SAP professionals are at a higher range and SAP domain offers most happening salary packages in the software and ERP business.
Many professionals’ compare salaries drawn by SAP consultants with other platforms like JAVA, networking, software programming, sales and marketing or maintenance and end up with finding that the SAP professionals make more money than they ever dreamt of.

Is that because extensive travel involvement, insufficient supply in the market or anything else?

No. Even companies don’t prefer their resources to travel extensively and increase cost to company unnecessarily. No company offers higher salary packages only because of extensive travel requirement of profile.

It could be because all colleges mass-produce Java Programmers, Web Developers, Application Developers and Android Developers and even Sales & Marketing executives. But, you will hardly find any ABAP-programmer or SAP Functional Consultant coming straight from the college/university. SAP is a technology you cannot really learn at home or office. It needs use cases to be learned in valuable way. And let’s not forget that you cannot compare apples with oranges. So it indicates that it is probably an issue of supply and demand of SAP professionals.

As SAP is doing well, so SAP consultants are in high demand, whether it is technical consultants or functional consultants. Around 80% Fortune 500 companies that we dream of working in uses SAP platform.

Listed below are few common findings ensuring heavy packages in SAP

The Demand-Supply ratio:
The Supply is much less when we compare with the demand of SAP professionals. This is why the employers are ready to pay up extra in order to meet the demand of highly trained SAP recruits.

Increasing ROI of Companies:
SAP consultants are highly paid by the companies so that their Return on Investment increases over the period of time and the cost can be controlled with amplified performance.

The challenging job:
The work profile of the SAP consultant is quite challenging which makes their polishes their learning and improves growth rate, as this the core of any organization. A small bug can end up with wastage of billions. This is why, the career of the SAP consultant is truly rewarding.

SAP Implementation in Fortune 500 & similarly capable companies:
SAP implementations are usually carried out in the high budget companies or the large scale organizations. These companies have the capacity of paying their employees with a better pay packages. This is also a reason because of which the SAP consultants get such an attractive pay package compared to the other IT fields.

Education of the employee:
A recent study said that the education level or qualification does play an important role in the employee’s salary hike or increment. But once you get the experience in the field it adds more value to your resume than your education.

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