Why one should attend SAP Knowledge Sessions at Atos?

Why one should attend SAP Knowledge Sessions at Atos?

Atos India SAP Education is known for its initiatives taken for SAP aspirants who desire to make a career in SAP.  Till date Atos has trained and placed over 5k+ SAP Consultants successfully.

SAP comes under Professional Education; hence it is not covered in any regular university courses or syllabus. SAP has highest growth rate in ERP Market. Around 87% fortune 500 companies are running on SAP. SAP is Leading ERP Market & has occupied 65% market share with 292000+ clients in 188 countries.

This is the main reason why SAP is highest paying Jobs in IT.

As being the leading Technology Services worldwide, there is huge demand of SAP Trained and certified processional in market. So to bridge this gap between demand and supply of SAP Professional, Atos has become Authorized SAP Training Partner of SAP.

Why Atos conducts SAP Career Knowledge Session each month?

There are many Graduates and Professionals willing to achieve Great career in SAP; regardless of their current position and working domain, but many of them are unaware of SAP, Modules in SAP they should go for as per their educational background or professional experience. To bridge this knowledge GAP and guide SAP aspirants to their respective SAP Modules based on education & experience along with their career growth in SAP; Atos conducts SAP Knowledge Session every month in the 6 SAP Learning Hubs in India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune.

Atos – SAP Knowledge Session covers following:

  1. Free Registration.
  2. Guidance to SAP Career by Vice President of Atos India who has More than 27 years of International IT experience in Strategizing, Budgeting and Executing, resided 10+ years in different capacity in America, Europe & Middle East.
  3. Focus on opportunities in SAP domain for all.
  4. One on one discussion on SAP opportunities with SAP Career consultants and VP of Atos India.
  5. Unlimited Placement policy in SAP Consulting for Certified SAP candidates of Atos.
  6. Career Progression comparison between current jobs and a career in SAP.
  7. Q &A session to solve all your doubts regarding SAP career.
  8. Different modes of Learning SAP at Atos.
  9. Success Stories of our past candidates
  10. Atos differentiators – Why choose SAP education at Atos
  11. Recruiting partners of Atos

Check our calendar for SAP Knowledge in your city – SAP Knowledge Session Calendar

To enroll for or next SAP Knowledge session, fill-up the form beside.

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