• What version of SAP is covered in the training programs?

    SAP training programs typically cover the latest versions of SAP software, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC (if requested explicitly by the student/client), and other relevant versions based on industry standards and organizational requirements.

  • What SAP specializations/modules are available, and who is eligible to undergo training?

    SAP offers a wide range of specialized modules covering various business functions, such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management. Eligibility for training depends on the specific module and the individual’s background, skills, and career goals. Training is suitable for IT professionals, business analysts, business consultants, project managers, and end-users.

  • What are the different training modes available?

    At Eviden, SAP training programs are offered in various modes to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules. Options includes:

    • Classroom training
    • Online training ,
    • Self-paced learning with learning hub,
    • Customize trainings for corporate requirements.
  • What are the prerequisites to pursue an SAP module?
    • To pursue any functional module training, you are expected to have 0-3 years of domain experience in the relevant business function.
    • To take the technical module of SAP you need to aware of programming concepts. Generally recommended to people with minimum 0-3 years of technical experience.
  • Are there different batches available for training, such as Weekend and Weekdays batches?

    Yes, Eviden offers flexible training schedules to cater to the needs of working professionals and students. Pre-scheduled batches are available on both weekdays and weekends, allowing participants to choose the schedule that best fits their availability and commitments. This ensures accessibility and convenience for individuals balancing training with other responsibilities.



  • What is the duration of SAP training programs?

    The duration of SAP training programs varies depending on factors such as the specific module or specialization, the depth of coverage, daily training hours, and the training mode.

  • Is there access to a practice environment or live server for hands-on learning?

    Yes, most SAP training programs provide access to a practice environment or live SAP server for hands-on learning and practical exercises.

  • How can I obtain SAP certification after completing the training?

    Upon completing the SAP training program, participants can choose to pursue SAP certification exams to validate their knowledge and skills in specific SAP modules or specializations.

    To prepare for certification exams, participants can utilize study materials provided during training, practice with sample questions and exercises, and review official SAP certification guides.
    Achieving SAP certification demonstrates proficiency and expertise in using SAP software, enhancing career prospects and earning potential in the job market.


  • Does Eviden/SAP provide placements after successful completion of training?

    Eviden does not guarantee placements but helps students with opportunities available in the job market which are generally inaccessible to freshers in SAP Ecosystem in addition to SAP placements portal.

  • Who should undergo SAP training?

    SAP training is suitable for various professionals, business users and functional consultants including IT professionals, business analysts, consultants, project managers, and end-users working in industries that use SAP software for business operations.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    The payment can be made Wire Transfer / Online Payment.

  • Can I only pursue the certification examination?

    There are two ways for getting SAP certification:

    1. By undergoing the full time training at any of the Authorized Training and Adoption center of Eviden.
    2. Procuring only certification attempts from Eviden, but in this case you miss the placement assistance.
  • If I have undertaken SAP training in another institute (other than the SAP Authorized partners) can I pursue only the certification examination?

    If you are confident about clearing the exam based on your knowledge ained from any source, you can go directly for the certification but it is advised to get trained from any of our training center before appearing for the exam.

  • Where can I get the SAP training schedule?

    Please visit the website

  • How can I enroll for the course?

    Call us at our Toll-free number: 1800 572 5840 or write us at india.tsg@eviden.com, out team will contatc you to help you with admission process.

  • What is the course fee?

    Call us at our Toll-free number: 1800 572 5840 or write us at india.tsg@eviden.com or contact the counselor at our centre for fees related information.

  • Is the course theoretical or hands-on?

    SAP Training is a combination of theory and practice on the systems. Candidates are connected to SAP servers for completing their exercises.

  • What is the format of the examination?

    The certification exam for core modules consists of 80 questions, which lasts for 3 hours. The no. of questions/duration may vary for advanced area. The questions are objective in nature. These examinations are release-specific and reflect the actual tasks of an SAP consultant. The exams are standardized worldwide and carried out under the supervision of SAP.

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