With a growing number of applications in SAP technology in the past few years, SAP certification has been in high demand. There are a lot of questions that may arise in the mind of every SAP aspirant before taking up the certification course. Here is the collection of some of the most common questions –

What is the validity period of SAP certification?

There is no expiry date on any SAP certification as such, but you are advised to appear for the latest certifications to stay up to date.

How do I select the right module for me?

This is something you need to decide for yourself; based on your interest, core strengths, domain knowledge and programming skills, if any.

Is SAP certification exam easy?

SAP certification exam is definitely not an easy one to clear, but the right training will certainly pave the way for clearing it. SAP training courses at Atos are designed to equip you with the advanced knowledge, along with hands-on training, to help you achieve the certification with no great difficulty.

What is the minimum score needed to pass the SAP certification exam?

You will need a 70% score to pass the examination.

Can I re-appear for the SAP certification exam?

Yes, you can re-appear for the exam one month after the first attempt. You are permitted maximum three attempts, exceeding which you will need to re-register for a full academy course for the certification.

How much does an SAP training course cost?

The cost of SAP training differs from course to course and modes of training. To know the fee for Atos SAP training courses, please contact the counselor at our center. Additional service taxes are applicable.

What are the prerequisites for SAP training courses?

If you want to go for a functional module, you will need a strong industrial experience in the relevant business function. Technical modules will require a sound knowledge of programming concepts with strong technical experience.

What are the technical requirements for SAP training courses?

A good computer, high-speed internet connection and the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers are all you need to get started with your training.

Should I choose classroom training or online/ e-Academy training?

Both modes of training have their own advantages. While online/e-Academy training can be more cost-efficient than classroom training, some might find the latter mode more effective. Ultimately it depends on your availability, budget and preference. Atos offers the flexibility of Instructor-led classroom Training (ILT), Virtual Learning Classroom (VLC) and Online/ e-Academy Training (OLT) for your convenience.

Does SAP certification guarantee a job?

A trained certified professional does have a leverage of being recognized as a candidate with a fair amount of SAP knowledge, but is in no way guaranteed a job. SAP and its education partners will inform a candidate about the available job opportunities in various companies. After that, it depends solely on the candidate’s knowledge and innate skills to secure his/her place in the company.

Atos – Fast-track your career in SAP!

With over 20+ years of experience in SAP training, we are committed to offer highest quality education, catering the different training demands. Atos is a Platinum SAP partner and understands SAP ecosystem and market trends better than others. Established in 1999, we are the first SAP authorized training institute in India and also provide classroom (ILT) training.

We offer training programs that are personalized and customized to the trainees. Whether you are a fresher or an SAP end-user, our programs will help you acquire the skillset required in the industry.

Get in touch with us if you have any queries related to SAP Certification and to enroll yourself click here.

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