Sure Success Strategies for SAP Certification – SAP Certification Guide

SAP Certification Guide

SAP Certification Guide is an opening door for esteemed career in IT industry and SAP ecosystem. SAP Certification is known as identification mark for SAP Tech proficiency. In today’s rapidly growing SAP ecosystem, hiring organizations prefer SAP Certified consultants as they have essential skills certified by SAP Germany itself.
As legacy of 19+ years in SAP Training and Certification, we at Atos have observed many students and their techniques of studies for clearing SAP Certification as listed below.
The list of SAP Modules and schedule for training with live instructor (Classroom Training) are available in the link below.

Now let’s understand how our students successfully manage to clear certification with good grades.

SAP Certification Guide

Concentrate on BASICs:

Basic concepts are strong pillars for any type of knowledge. If the foundation of any amazing structure is weak, it doesn’t survive for long. Same implies when it comes to SAP Certification as well. As a SAP beginner, you need a basic understanding of business processes, SAP acronyms and project concepts. We also needed some key SAP and project terms to get a foundational understanding of what’s involved in a SAP project and the key components of the system.

Atos conducts 2 days complementary ERP foundation program for registered candidates to make them familiar with ERP & SAP Ecosystem.

Way to practice:

The fundamental of practicing for SAP is to practice more often on real system. There is no substitute to practice. Keep on Practicing on a SAP system with the relevant configuration and theoretical concepts will make your understanding deeper and stronger. As you are experiencing what you studied in reality, you tend to remember it more effectively. SAP provides live access with a preconfigured system to practice or experiment. For details:

Theoretical / Conceptual questions:

Not always but at times theoretical questions are complex ones. Even when your basics are strong and you practiced enough, you might get confused while answering them. To avoid such circumstances, you need to go through the SAP Certification material thoroughly. These questions will help you reinforce your understanding and expertise of the system.

Dummy Tests or Sample Questions:

The sample questions provided by SAP gives you an idea of the level of complexity or type of questions being provided. Along with this there are multiple sources online which provides sample questions and mock tests. Attempt them without any help in a fixed time frame. Check your answers and that gives you an indicator of your preparedness.

(Atos India SAP Education also runs a Knowledge refresher Q/A series on Social Media Platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn)


Additional Tips:

1. If you are appearing for any cloud certification, always check your network settings, Internet connectivity and volume settings before you start the exam. Even if you are well prepared, these obstacles can cause you to reschedule the exam.
2. Spend your time wisely during exam. Don’t just stick to any tough question. Just mark it and move on to the next question. Some questions may be intentionally kept confusing and time consuming to test your patience.
3. Unless there is negative marking system; don’t leave any question unmarked. You can still go for a smart guess or at least a random guess. Just start knocking out the obvious or most likely incorrect ones, so that you have fewer choices to choose from to improve your chances in case of random guess.
4. You have sufficient time to go through all the questions. Once done, revise the questions which you have marked for revision later.


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