SAP public batches training schedule – niche modules

To help SAP consultants upskill and corporates with training on niche SAP modules which has limited number of participants, SAP with the help of authorized training partners like Atos conducts following programs. These programs termed as public batches, ensures knowledge and skill enhancement in respective modules.

Following are niche SAP training programs, you can also check regular training calendar here

Find your niche SAP training below

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Course Start Date End Date Course Name
04-09-23 08-09-23 BIT800_22 Process Orchestration Overview
04-09-23 05-09-23 EWM140_19 Quality Management in SAP EWM
04-09-23 08-09-23 HR400_15 Payroll Configuration
04-09-23 05-09-23 S4F01_20 FI in S/4H for Professionals
04-09-23 08-09-23 SM255_20 Change Request Management
04-09-23 15-09-23 TS462_23 Sales in S/4HANA Academy P. II
04-09-23 15-09-23 TS4F03_20 CO in SAP S/4HANA – Part I
04-09-23 08-09-23 UX400_23 Developing UIs with SAPUI5
05-09-23 08-09-23 C4H340_24 SAP Commerce Cloud Developer P
06-09-23 08-09-23 S4F02_20 CO in S/4H for Professionals
11-09-23 15-09-23 BIT750_03 Application Interface Fra_HVLC
11-09-23 13-09-23 C4H341_24 SAP Commerce Cloud Developer P
11-09-23 15-09-23 GW100_22 SAP Gateway–Building OData V2
11-09-23 15-09-23 S4200_23 Business Processes in SAP S/4HA
11-09-23 12-09-23 S4F03_20 Conversion of Accountg. to S/4
11-09-23 15-09-23 S4F55_20 Revenue Accounting & Reporting
11-09-23 22-09-23 TS422_20 S/4HANA Production Planning & M
12-09-23 13-09-23 S4RD1_23 SAP R&D Engineering- Functions
14-09-23 15-09-23 GRC100_18 Principles of SAP GRC
14-09-23 15-09-23 S4RD2_23 Advanced Variant Configuration