Growing importance of SAP BASIS certified resources in the industry

Importance of SAP BASIS Certification in Career

SAP Basis stresses on powerful administration of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), SAP GUI, and client-server architecture. It deals with installing, configuring, updating, patching, migrating, and troubleshooting any kind of problems that your SAP system may face. User administration, system administration, and monitoring tools are also key features of Basis in the SAP system.
The SAP landscape is growing day by day. Every organization running on SAP platforms is engaging with their customers for multiple products offered by SAP.

Usually every SAP customer starts with implementing SAP ERP, but the landscape eventually grows by incorporating additional products like BI, Portal, PI, CRM, SRM and many more products required for sustenance of the business.

Most of the products offered by SAP are on Netweaver stack and BASIS is the single tool used for administration of this big landscape. Leading companies usually have more than 100 servers in their data center running their entire SAP landscape.

These servers need 24/7 support by team of consultants. This team performs various important tasks like :
• Archiving
• User management
• Backups
• Authorization controls
• Single Sign on
• Disaster recovery
• Security
• Monitoring
• Patch / Version upgrades.

and many other critical business activities like these.

Know more details about SAP BASIS Certification.

For huge landscapes, the smallest of an issue can cause an irreplaceable damage and severely affect business, hence BASIS is always considered as the most important tool for SAP support.
Your organization needs an SAP Basis support team with a deep understanding of both the technical and strategic side of your SAP system and business, along with the ability to coordinate between the IT department and the executive layer.

This whole scenario suggests why SAP BASIS is one of the highest paid IT stream.
So, if you work or have some understanding in one of the following roles, then this is your opportunity to switch to highly rewarding career path:
• Network engineer
• Database Administrator
• OS Administrator
• IT Support Expert

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